Holy Week 2021 Mass Registration

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Enclosed are the Mass Registration Links for Holy Week 2021.

Holy Thursday (Apr 1st) 5pm (ETM) 8.30pm (ETM)
Good Friday (Apr 2nd) 12pm (E) 4pm (M) 8pm (ET)
Easter Vigil (Apr 3rd) 5pm(M) 9pm(ET)
Easter Sunday (Apr 4th) 8am(M) 11am(ET)

Kindly also note that the website will only accept registration starting 8pm Mar 25th Thursday.

Kindly check your eligibility prior to registering for the Mass and ensure you register for the desired Mass time. Do note that the interval between Mass is short, during which volunteers need to sanitise and prepare for the subsequent Mass. We kindly request your help not to congregate after Mass but to leave Church premises as soon as Mass has concluded. As gates will only be opened 1 hour prior to start of Mass, kindly plan to arrive accordingly.

Please do consider the time needed for verification process. Gate closes 15 minutes before the start of Mass.

Thank you and God Bless

Holy Thursday (April 1st) 5pm English/Tamil/Mandarin; 8.30pm English/Tamil/Mandarin

Good Friday (April 2nd) 12pm English; 4pm Mandarin; 8pm English/ Tamil

Good Friday (April 2nd) 4pm Mandarin

Easter Vigil (April 3rd) 5pm Mandarin

Easter Vigil (April 3rd) 9pm English/Tamil

Easter Sunday (April 4th) 8am Mandarin

Easter Sunday (April 4th) 11am English