Musings during Pandemic

“Holiness is not the luxury of a few. It is everyone’s duty : Yours and mine”

Mother Teresa

Reflection based on Mother Teresa’s Quote:

Many of us will struggle with this ambiguous word “Holiness”. Or we could be a bit defensive when someone comes to us telling us “You are so Holy”. I’m sure many of you get this remark. We always have the perception that we are never good enough in the eyes of God. We are always often being labelled “Holy” just because we are church goers. We should be proud that we are an example to these people. While reflecting on Mother Teresa’s quote, I am reminded that we are all called to walk in Holiness and to have the desire to be Saintly. God knows everything about us. He knows our weaknesses, brokenness, our pride, ego and anger that sometimes puts us down. He knows the trials and tribulations that you are going through. He knows that you are walking in the valley of darkness aimlessly. He created us for a purpose. He just wants us to surrender ourselves to Him and to be one with Christ. It does not matter how broken you are. He just wants you to surrender your every broken piece to Him! He will mend it beautifully for He had fearfully and wonderfully made us (Psalm 139: 14). Just remember that a simple desire to be a Saint is already the first step to walking in Holiness. He is ever merciful and slow in anger. He is waiting for each one of us, everyday, every moment to hold our hand! Are we ready to hold his loving gentle Hand to pursue Holiness?

Prayer: Dear Lord, we just want to thank you for Your gentle hands. Let us die to ourselves, die to our pride, die to our ego , die to our worldly desires. We may stumble but we will not fall , for You will hold us by our hands (Psalm 37: 34) to walk with us in Holiness.