Musings during the Pandemic #23

My approach in life before knowing Christ was mainly secular with scant attention to God. Having being brought up in an environment where there are many gods and deities, each for a different purpose, I would pray to the god which serves my purpose at each time of need. On one occasion there was a need to pray for a personal problem and I was prompted to say the prayers taught to me during my schooling days at a convent school. The prayers gave me a sense of peace. I had the strength to face and accept the outcome of my problem. This experience of God’s grace has stirred my desire to get to know Him better. I then made the decision to learn more about this faith and started to attend Mass with the guidance of my sibling. My desire to follow Jesus strengthened and after nine months, I made the decision to make this the faith of my choice.

As a child of God I strongly desire to keep pleasing Him, so much so that I am now mindful of my words and interactions with others around me. I feel a gradual formation of my attitude becoming more patient and understanding towards others after putting into action the teachings of this faith as guided by the RCIA facilitators who have been most patient and helpful. I still have areas of weakness to overcome to truly follow Jesus’ call to be charitable, forgiving and merciful. I am hopeful that a changed person in myself will be a good testimony to others around me that knowing Christ is good for their souls as well.

I am truly grateful and happy that Jesus had called me to follow him. He has made it possible for me to be baptised even during this time of social restriction.

Dear God, Thank you for calling me and leading me towards you. I have now found my peace in You. May You continue to call all your children to come back to You and experience your mercy and bountiful love. Amen