Musings during the Pandemic #31

We read in Luke 2:19, “But Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart” and Luke 2:51, “His mother treasured all these things in her heart.” Have you ever wondered what do these two verses mean? What does treasure mean? What does to ponder in one’s heart meant?

Be like Mary, pondering everything in her heart. But how? For years ever since I started to learn about my faith and came across these verses, I tried to understand what does treasuring and pondering meant. From different resources, I think I understand what they meant. But still, how do I do that? Over years, I tried to practice it. I treasured and kept all things in my heart. I pondered everything in my heart and my mind. At least that’s what I thought I was doing. But guess what, things turned out bad.

I never realized that I was neither treasuring nor pondering all things in my heart. Instead, I kept all things hidden too carefully. I carefully kept things, especially my feelings hidden from myself. I carefully kept things hidden from people around me especially my family. But worse, I extra carefully kept things hidden from God. Don’t get me wrong, God knows everything about me and nothing is hidden from Him but, I hid from Him. The consequences? Everything started to pile up and it started to burden me. And when the limit is reached, it burst. Like a balloon burst, I burst into pieces. It was a mess.

By God’s grace and patience with me, He taught me how to actually treasure and ponder things in my heart. When someone or situation makes you frustrated or sad, I believe no one wants to treasure that frustration or sadness in their heart. Whenever I encounter this undesirable moment, I’ve learned to STOP, to really just stop right there, yes, right in front of that person or in the middle of the situation and be still. In stillness, I allow myself to feel that feeling of frustration or sadness AND invite God to be with me as I feel that feeling. Then, in God’s presence and focusing on Him, I ASK God why am I feeling this feeling and what am I to do now. Stop and ask. From here, because Jesus is the Prince of Peace, in His presence I am in peace and then the Holy Spirit guided me on how to react or what to do. Now to me, peace does not mean the issue is settled, it just means that in peacefulness, the Holy Spirit is with me and I will react peacefully to the situation.

I found this very practical especially during these challenging season where undesirable situation happens at an unpredicted time. This can also be applied in prayer time. There are times when I started to get anxious as I was praying for the difficult situations happening around me and that’s when I need to stop and ask. Maybe not to skip to asking immediately because there is a huge tendency of turning my prayers to complaining instead of asking. There’s no answer for complaining but there are always answers for questions. Another thing would be the difficulties of having to stop. Honestly, it is not easy to just suddenly stop right there because we are living in the world of time. God is not bound to time, so if to stop is to meet God, then stop and meet God, right there and right now. But seriously, just stop for a moment. Finally, as I continuously stop and ask, I also realize that I feel God’s presence 24/7. I’m so glad to share these practical steps and I pray that anyone that practices this will be blessed and protected by our Loving and Merciful Father and be immersed in His love.

God bless you and keep you in His Sacred Heart.

Dearest Father,
Thank you for the revelation and growth in my spiritual journey with You.

You are faithful to Your word that says

“Ask and you will receive,
Seek and you will find and
Knock and the door will be opened to you.”

May all who run to You and seek You find You.
In Jesus’ name. Amen