Parish Formation Team


  • Vision: Continuously having parish based formation programs but open to other areas if led by the Spirit.
  • Mission: To spread the Word of God through Formation programs.
  • Objective: To run bible study (Knowing the Faith) and Life Application Studies (Living the Faith) programs while supporting SCORE in Sharing the Catholic Faith.


Age limit : Above 21 years old

Target membership : 12

No Name ROLE Contact Numbers E-mail Address
1 Bernard Edwin Capel Leader 016-4117675
2 Simon Wong Assist Leader 012-4848884
3 Jeanne J Saw Secretary 016-4554597
4 Justin Ng Treasurer 012-4288527
5 Thomas Chan Member 012-4898221
6 Andrew Loh Member 016-4927007 nil
7 Christine Ho Member 012-4025292
8 Lucille Dass Member 012-4162443
9 Daniel Goon Member 016-4226996




Organisational Structure

Leader : a) To provide spiritual leadership for the PFT

 b) To serve all PFT members, provide encouragement, support and discernment.

 c) To take responsibility for all matters pertaining to the PFT and its programs

 d) To help discern parish formation programs for CHS

Assistant Leader :

a) To support the PFT leader in all the above roles & responsibilities and act on his behalf in his absence.        


       a) To record all minutes of meeting.

       b) Undertake administrative duties where needed.

Treasurer :

 a) To keep the accounts of the PFT and report to the Parish Priest when necessary.

 b) To keep an inventory of items belonging to the PFT

Members : To provide support and service where needed to the PFT

Term of office: 3 years ( Renewal subject to discernment )

Meetings: Usually held on Sunday afternoons at 3.00pm. Frequency of meetings depends on needs. When organizing programs, the team will meet once a month.