Emergency Response Team

About Us

Formed in 2015, we are a team of medical professionals who are trained in performing emergency medical treatment and procedures. The ERT is in attendance at all weekend Masses, special Masses and other celebrations held at parish-level.   

Throughout the year, we organise various activities and seminars such as AED courses, first aid courses, a Parish Health Day and blood donation drives open to the public.

Our Leaders

Coordinator: Dr Martin Arul 
Assistant Coordinator: Ms  Julia Arulandu
Advisor: Dr Ramona Pereira

Activities in 2020

Several ERT members were on duty during the Mass for the World Day of the Sick. No cases reported/treated.
The ERT set up an emergency aid station in conjunction with the Parish Young People’s Day. No cases reported/ treated.

Plans for 2021

A first aid course will be organised once the normalcy of church activities resumes.

Contact Person: Dr Martin Arulanadam +60174794549