Holy Spirit Prayer Group

About Us

The ministry was founded in 1980 with the formation of home-based prayer groups. Prayer meetings were held in houses till the year 1989.

The mission statement of the group is to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be the leaven, light and salt of the community through Praise and Worship, Ministering, Intercessory and Outreach. Living the Mission Statement, members of HSPG are currently serving in different ministries in the Parish – CEC, RCIA, ERT, Liturgical team to name a few. With the COVID 19 pandemic affecting the church in 2020, the HSPG started having online prayer meetings via zoom

Our Leaders (2023 – 2025)

Coordinator: Lourdes Dass
Assistant Coordinator: Jessica Choo
Treasurer: Andrea Ooi

Activities in 2020

  • Online HSPG Prayer meeting 
  • Online Christmas Paraliturgy.
  • HSPG Outreach to the ill or family members of deceased

Plans for 2021

  • HSPG Outreach 
  • HSPG Prayer Meeting – face to face or online