Movement of Spirituality

About Us

The Movement of Spirituality which later became known as the Spirituality Cluster group consists of several different prayer-based groups, namely:

Holy Spirit Prayer Group
Shekinah Glory Renewal Group
Tamil CCR
Mandarin CCR
Legion of Mary – English
Legion of Mary – Mandarin
Meditation group

Our Leaders (2023 – 2025)

Coordinator: Victoria Labrooy

Representatives of the Spirituality Cluster Group:
Holy Spirit Prayer Group: Lourdes Dass
Shekinah Glory Renewal Group:
Tamil CCR: Emil Jonathan
Mandarin CCR: Rita Chiam
Legion of Mary (English): Santhanamary
Legion of Mary (Mandarin): Doreen Ho
Meditation group: Victoria Labrooy

Activities in 2020

  • Silent Reflection and Adoration during the month of the Rosary

Plans for 2021

  • Onsite prayer meetings once feasible
  • Assist in Pentecost celebration in church 
  • Assist in organization of prayers in the Parish