Callback Ministry

About Us

A ministry designed for all post confirmants.

  • Helping and guiding individuals in discovering their unique gifts and talents, whilst providing a community for them to learn and grow with. 
  • Training young leaders to become pillars of the church, assimilating them into church ministries and teams.

Our Leaders   

Core Team : Patrick Mariadass, Gabriel Peter, Amelia Beatrice, Sereetasarah, Valentino Eric Alfred, Dustine Ray David, James Koh, Jael Tan Lay See

Activities in 2020

CHS Parish Young Peoples Day
Women of Wonder 2 
Month of The Holy Rosary, Novena and Mass 
Weekly Callback Virtual Meetings : Friday 
Callback 8 Virtual Celebration : Dec 7, 2020

Plans for 2021

a) Event: Virtual Family Conference (One Body in Christ)
Tentative Date: 4-7th June 2021 (Corpus Christi)
Target: The entire family
Objectives: For parents and children to grow together in faith. 
Platform: Temporary Website to host/load videos of talks which are pre-recorded. Speakers would be from the Callback ministry as well as outside the ministry.

b) Event: Women’s Event 

Objective: To provide a sense of belonging and cultivate a heart to seek God amongst women. 
Tentative date: 7th March 2021 
Target Age: Women aged 15 years old and above.
Platform: Online/ Physical venue (To be decided based on COVID situation)