Zone C

About Us  

We are the field hospital caring for our neighbours, providing support in prayer and community presence, through:

  • Caring for the elderly as well as reaching out to the poor and needy of our community irrespective of race and religion
  • Community prayers, activities and celebrations

Our Leaders

Zone Coordinator: Joseph Loh
Assistant Zone Coordinator: Bernard Tan
BEC 1 & 2 Leader: Marina Chong
BEC 3 Leader: Margaret Chow
BEC 4 Leader: Anne Nah
BEC 5 Leader: Helen Xavier
BEC 6 Leader: Anne Tan
Treasurer: Mary Lee
Secretary: Thaddeus Chan
Committee: Tommy Arokiasamy / Anne Marie

Activities in 2020

  1. Connecting with our brothers and sisters in need during MCO
  2. Collecting contributions and handling out rations to sustain the poor in our community
  3. Celebrating Easter by delivering meal to welfare home
  4. Arranging daily Rosary prayers at different homes in October
  5. Collecting contributions as part of the Advent Gift of Blessings  
  6. Preparing and distributing food for Advent Pot Bless-to-Bless

Plans for 2021

  1. Outreach to the poor in our community
  2. Pilgrimage 
  3. Rosary Prayer in the month of October
  4. Christmas Party bringing cheer to Homes
CHS Sharing the Gift: Advent 2020- Delivery of goods at OKU Centre
Zone C Boundary