Lectors, Commentators & MCs

About Us

This ministry is about assisting in the daily and weekend liturgical services. Ensuring that :

  1. All the sections/areas that are required for Mass is attended to (Mass Coordinators)
  2. The Word of God is proclaimed clearly and effectively (Lectors)
  3. The order of Mass is guided properly (Commentator)

Auditions for lectors are held regularly to provide opportunities for our parishioners to serve in this ministry. On-site training is usually given to new volunteers (MCs, Lectors and Commentators) and occasionally we would have group guided sessions especially for lectors so that every member has the opportunity to give their best in their chosen calling.

Our Leaders

Coordinator: Pedro Geronimo
Assistant Coordinator: Anita Wee

Activities in 2020

Support all CHS Mass celebrations
Eg. Daily and weekend liturgical services and masses, feast day celebrations. etc

Plans for 2021

  1. Training sessions for newly recruited lectors
  2. Retreat for ministry members
  3. Family day for ministry members

Contact Person: Pedro Geronimo +60164882650