Tamil Liturgy Team

About Us

On the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, we organise a Tamil Mass at the chapel, attended by up to 50 Tamil-speaking parishioners.

While we were unable to meet in person in 2020, we continue to meet via Zoom.

Our Leaders

Sebastian Pillai
Alice Anthony 
Cecilia Selva
Maria Michael

Activities in 2020

We organised a Ponggal Celebration and Mass in January. Unfortunately, we were unable to continue with other activities due to the ongoing health pandemic.

Our members participated in the Novena to the Holy Spirit live recording and we were able to organise a live recording of a Tamil Mass.

Due to the ongoing situation, we have had to temporarily suspend our fortnightly Tamil Mass. However, the 2nd reading in the Sunset Mass in done in Tamil.

Plans for 2021

Ongoing formation for lectors, commentators and choir members via Zoom.

Contact Person: Sebastian Pillai +60164425654