About Us

Role of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) are as follows;

  • Assist Priest(s) / Celebrant(s) in distributing Holy Communion at Weekend Masses, Feast Days, Day of Obligation, Weddings, Funerals & Novena Masses.
  • Distribute communion to the sick, homebound or hospitalized as assigned.
  • Assist priest(s) at funerals especially at home, at cemetery or crematorium or in the absence of priest(s) to conduct the funeral service in the church.
  • Assist priest(s) in their Absence on Sundays as presider, proclaimer or preacher in communion service as assigned.
  • Assist priest when Altar Servers unavailable at offertory and after communion.

Our Leaders

Chairman : Thaddeus Chan
Vice Chairman : Anthony Chin Choong Fee
Secretary : Edmund Khoo
Treasurer : Justina Chan Wee Nee
Mandarin Liturgy Representative : Philip Kau
Tamil Liturgy Representative : Rose Mary
Committee Member : Jessica Choo
Committee Member : Patricia Tina De Souza

Activities in 2020

Discover and grow the Eucharistic Spirituality by attending monthly recollection (second Monday of the month), prayer and thereafter followed by followership.

Distribute communion to the sick and homebound every month.

Plans for 2021

Bi-Monthly Reflection and Recollection
Commissioning of new EMHC
EMHC Formation: Invitation, Encounter, Outreach

Contact Person: Thaddeus Chan +60124309167

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