Parish Liturgical Team

About Us

The Parish Liturgical Team comprises of 16 ministries namely:

  1. Altar Servers Ministry (English)
  2. Altar Servers Ministry (Mandarin)
  3. Cantors & Music Ministry
  4. Daily Mass Team
  5. Emergency Response Team
  6. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  7. Floral Team
  8. LCD Projectionist Team
  9. Lectors, Commentators & Mass Coordinators
  10. Mandarin Liturgy Team (MANLITE)
  11. Tamil Liturgy Team
  12. Hospitality Ministry (English)
  13. Hospitality Ministry (Mandarin)
  14. Novena
  15. Sacristans
  16. Maintenance

Our Leaders

Chairperson: Anita Wee
Assistant Chairpersons: Anthony Foong and Sebastian Pillai
Secretary: Paul Newman

Activities in 2020

  • To ensure the smooth flow of all liturgical celebrations. 
  • Ministries supporting the liturgical celebrations execute their roles with full reverence, timeliness, according to the liturgical guidelines and ensure  their members are properly trained
  • Proper coordination between the various language groups.
  • Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there were lots of different scenarios and the PLT was very focused on organizing the liturgical celebrations to comply with Diocesan and Parish guidelines and to be in full compliance with the SOPs established by the government.
  • Members of the various ministries worked hard to ensure the smooth flow of the liturgical celebrations under the various scenarios while ensuring full compliance.
  • Masses, Communion Service, distribution of communion for the home-bound, Sacraments (Confirmation, 1st Holy Communion, RCIA, Infant Baptism, Weddings and Funeral masses) were celebrated in a very controlled environment since the RMCO

Plans for 2021

The PLT follows the Roman General Calendar and the CHS Parish Calendar with regards to the liturgical aspect.
The PLT will carry on its duty to ensure the smooth flow of the celebration of mass and the liturgy of the hours.

Contact Person: Anita Wee +60168884202