Altar Servers (English)

About Us

Altar Servers perform a great deed of service. We occupy a special place on the sanctuary, and play a vital role in assisting the priests to ensure that the congregation celebrates the Mass in the most prayerful way possible. Our role as Altar Servers is not just about ensuring that liturgical procedures are done right, but also about helping others encounter Christ through their service.

Our Leaders

Advisors: John Selvarajoo & Daria Anthony
Coordinator: Lerric Martin 
Assistant Coordinator: David Janing Haun 
Secretary: Adele Gwyneth Yeoh 
Core Team: Ethan Isaac Goon
Core Team: Nicole Evelyn Yeoh

Activities in 2020

19th Jan 2020: Meeting for New Altar Servers
2nd Feb 2020: General Meeting
11th April 2020: Easter Zoom Quiz
30th May 2020: Pentecost Zoom Quiz
3rd June 2020: PUBG Match
6th June 2020: PUBG Match
27th June 2020: Special Practice following SOP
1st Aug 2020: Practice for Masses (ages 13 and above)

Plans for 2021

28th March: Practice for Holy Week
31st May & 1st June: Altar Servers Camp
12th Sept: Altar Servers BBQ
19th Dec: Practice for Christmas

Contact Person: John Selvarajoo +60164919761

Altar Servers Practice