20th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit | 20th January 2023

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit was established as a church on 25th May 1969. Subsequently on the 20th January 2003 it was dedicated as the cathedral of the Diocese of Penang.

The Feast of the Dedication of the Cathedral is celebrated every year. The word “cathedral” derives from the Greek word “kathedra,” meaning “chair.” The chair of the diocesan bishop is the seat from which he guides the life of the Church in a particular geographical region known as a diocese. This chair is a symbol of his authority to teach, sanctify and govern the people of Christ. The church in which this chair is housed is consequently known as a cathedral church.

The anniversary of the dedication of a cathedral church is to be observed on the date of the church’s consecration, with the rank of a solemnity in the cathedral itself . The church of the Holy Spirit was elevated to the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit on 20th January 2003.

Prayer :

Come Holy Spirit fill our hearts with your love, as we recall with joy the Dedication of this Cathedral on each anniversary:
Listen to our prayer and grant that our worship be sincere and honouring Your name and bringing us fullness of redemption.
This we ask through Christ our Lord.