Advent – Sharing the Gift 2020 Update

Dear Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers of Sharing the Gift 2020
We had officially completed all the 3 Projects for Advent- Sharing the Gift 2020. Below are the updates on each project

Gift Of Joy
We had raised 150 gift packs for the Children in Pediatric Ward and provided food packs for 3 Nurse Stations. It was presented to GH on 17th Dec 2020

Gift of Blessings
We had raised school essentials such as uniforms, socks and shoes to 70 students. It was presented personally to the students before the school reopens.

Pot Bless to Bless
The various BEC Zones and FoCHS had come together to prepare food packs for 2 Children Homes and 5 Welfare Centers for 6 weekends from 5th Dec 2020 to 27th Dec 2020. Total no Pax the team had raised was 759 Pax. Below are the homes and welfare centers that the team had initiated :

  1. Lighthouse Feeding Centre
  2. BE Hope Special Care Centre
  3. Agape Welfare Home
  4. Peace Children Care
  5. Shan’s Children Home

We are appreciative and grateful to all that had generously supported CHS Sharing the Gift Advent Projects for 2020 and the various outreach ministries of the parish in their on-going mission.

Thank you all for your relentless prayers, effort and time in making this a success in sharing the love and blessings of Christ with all that in need. Appreciate all your generous financial support during this unprecedented time. We pray for that joy and blessing to be upon you and your family as you continue to be missionaries for Christ in serving others.

Yours in Christ,
Father Joachim Robert & team
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit