Catholic website – FORMED.ORG

The Diocese of Penang has subscribed to so that ALL individuals, families, ministries, communities and beyond can access to Catholic programs, talks, movies, audios and other materials  FREE within ONE-YEAR!

You can follow these steps for self-registration and subscription under the account of “Penang Diocesan Pastoral Institute”:

  1. Click on this link to self-register:
  2. Scroll down to the bottom where you see SIGN UP TODAY
  3. Click in the Blue Box that says SIGN UP
  4. On the page, ‘How would you like to sign up?’ – click on “Sign up as a Parishioner
  5. While in the “Create a New Account Page” to find your parish or organisation:
    • Search and type in account of “Penang Diocesan Pastoral Institute
    • The correct name will appear, just click on it!
  6. Create a New Account Page – for your personal individual account
    • Put your name and your personal email address which have not been used before to sign up for FORMED. (You may create a new email if necessary)
    • Click SIGN UP and you are logged in.

Do invite others to join so that ALL can access to movies/talks/programs, etc from FORMED together as a family/ministry/group though we are physically distanced!

In this challenging COVID-19 pandemic, may this FORMED platform help us deepen our spiritual journey as we continue to understand, live and share our Catholic Faith.