Helping Hands

A selection of delectable eats will be available for all parishioners to make an order for Lunch on Saturdays. This is the Cathedral Café’s new way of reaching out to all through:
• A wholesome meal;
• Saving or minimising delivery charges;
• Helping vendors and parishioners who are struggling during this pandemic and MCO
• Creating opportunities to bless others with a meal – a new way to Fellowship!
Link to a make Meal Selections will be shared every Tuesday through Zone/BEC and/or Ministry Leads. We welcome information on anyone who needs a helping hand during trying times. The team will reach out with a helping hand to collaborate and keep hope alive!

Link to Order (Saturday 21 August 2021):

For further information and/or assistance, leave your number at the CHS office or call Christine @ 012 402 5292.