HYM Christmas Project

You are invited to this HYM Christmas Project. It would be a pleasure to see you there as we sing carols, pray and eat together. If you are wondering which of the five days to come, well, that is according to your BEC zones! And when you come, remember to bring food of 4-5 servings as it is a pot-bless.

The following is the schedule for the various Zones/BECs located within CHS:-

17th Dec (Sat)       Zone A & Zone B

18th Dec (Sun)     Zone C & Zone D

19th Dec (Mon)    Zone E & Zone F

20th Dec (Tue)     Zone G & Zone H

21st Dec (Wed)    Zone I & Friends of CHS

Time:    8:00pm-10:30pm

Venue:  St. Michael – St. Raphael (2nd Floor Old Classrooms, OIKOS Building