Musings #41 – When we say impossible, God says POSSIBLE!

When we say impossible, God says POSSIBLE!

Christmas Renewal by the Crib – 23 Dec 2021.

The prayer petitions, we were told us that we’re the lucky group as we only have one day left to prayer for the anonymous person who had submitted their petitions. Well… the petition I received was something very challenging, against what I believed in and advocated for !!

The anonymous petition was so that unvaccinated persons will not be discriminated against and will be allowed to come to church freely to worship.

The thing is that, I’m advocating vaccination, and it’s in my line of work which I’m trying to get more people vaccinated. And I was also personally going through work challenges on a Clinical Trial on Covid vaccines.

But I also remember the facilitator saying God works at His time, not our time. Well today, that prayer petition has been answered. Amen !

(With effect from 1st May, 2022, government SOPs have allowed all to attend religious gatherings irrespective of vaccination status)

I hope that that anonymous person will be back in Church 😀on 1st May.