Sharing Hope 2.0 – CHS FMCO Outreach

Let us be united in our prayers and action during this challenging time.

Dear Heavenly Father,
We praise You and we thank You for this privileged opportunity that You have given to us. We ask for Your mercy to be upon us. That hearts will be open and that we may not be indifferent to the plights of the people around us. We ask You, Jesus that we may be generous with our time & resources — praying and encouraging those who are doing this ministry, those reaching out as frontliners to us and those who are in need.

We ask You, Lord as we embark on this journey, together we pray for Your blessings, that Your protection will always enfold us and will always be upon us. As we reach out with the love of Christ, may they experience Your love through us. May they be comforted while riding in this storm, and that they may be protected by Your love and mercy.

In Jesus name we pray. AMEN.

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