CHS Advent-Christmas Story

Theme: Sharing the Gift 2020

Dear All
Just want to echo Father Joachim’s message this morning’s mass on this Advent Initiative for Cathedral of The Holy Spirit

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit parishioners to share their Advent-Christmas Calendar journey via photos submission to bring forth the meaning of hope, peace, joy and love by sharing the Gift of Christ through evangelization.

For example : Lighting up Christmas Tree, Building your Crib, Lighting your wreath or any activities that you are doing together as a family or any charity works that you are participating to lift each others up during this Advent Season. You can send your photos with your captions


  1. A team will compile selected pictures into a video made up of all activities (Advent-Christmas Calendar) leading from Advent to Christmas which would be shown during Christmas eve and Christmas day mass. This video would be around 5-7 minutes.


  1. Photos submitted must be clear. Any blurry images will not be accepted.
  2. Photos must be submitted by 13th December by 12am for the video compilation. However, you can continue to submit photos of your Advent-Christmas journey until January 3rd 2021.
  3. Please submit your photo to
  4. All submissions will be posted on CHS social media. Additionally, the conclusion of our Advent-Christmas journey will be shared during Epiphany mass.

Any inquiries, please do contact the following:
 Juliana Khoo ( +60 12-408 1392 )
 Edmund Low ( +60 16-858 0321 )
 Adeline Lee ( +60 19-504 3266 )