DAILY MASS from Oct 18th to Oct 29th, 2021 (Monday to Friday)

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We are happy to inform that CHS will be opening Daily Mass (Mon-Fri) starting Oct-18th to our parishioners limit to 30 participants per day. Kindly plan to arrive by 6pm as vesper starts at 610pm. To safeguard our parishioners, kindly strictly follow the criteria below for eligibility to come for Daily Mass.


  1. Baptized Catholic parishioners who have a Low Risk No Symptom Covid-19 risk status and are fully vaccinated (subject to SOP changes) are welcomed to call Church Office 04-6584909 to register for Daily MASS. Please exercise charity to allow others to receive Holy Communion by only registering once a week. Priority will be given to those who have not come for Daily Mass in the current week.
  2. The public advisory continues to discourage children below 12 years old, senior citizens above the age of 60 and those with chronic illness from public gathering. If you are planning to come, please consult your family members and weigh the risk for yourself and others.


  1. Those who are unwell or exhibiting symptoms / infections such as cough, fever, sore throat, respiratory issues, flu or cold are not permitted.
  2. Those who are NOT showing Low Risk No Symptom Covid-19 risk status.
  3. Those who are NOT fully vaccinated (must be more than 14 days after 2nd Dose )
  4. Those who are under investigation or home quarantine (if there are members in your household that are under home quarantine or investigation, you are not allowed to attend).

Thank you and God Bless